IP telephone systems, also known as Voice over IP (VoIP), Ipecs, or Internet telephony, uses the internet to transmit telephone calls as compared to the traditional method of the use of a telephone network. A lot of companies have switched to IP phone systems due to the numerous advantages they offer. Besides being the most modern and sophisticated communication advancement, an IP telephone or an Ipecs, allows the use of video, audio and wireless voice. IP phone systems involve huge cost savings and are easy to use and install. They are one of the most commonly used modern day small business IT solutions.

At EOS, we provide all our clients with a range of IP phone systems and are the leading supplier of small business IT solutions. Our joint venture with the global leaders in communication technology, LG Electronics and Ericsson, has helped us understand customer needs and provide them with an Ipecs phone system suited for their requirements. Our Ipecs 50, developed just for small and medium businesses, is an IP telephone solution designed to help businesses grow. The Ipecs 50 enhances and optimises communication productivity.

EOS have an experienced team of dedicated Ipecs technicians who help install your IP telephone systems efficiently and in a minimal amount of time, ensuring that you don’t have to go through any inconveniences. Known for their productivity and versatility, our Ipecs phone systems are widely throughout Zimbabwe and Zambia as the number one small business IT solution.

Invest in our IP phone systems as your small business IT solution and open up a world of opportunities!