VoIP is the latest phone system technology and is becoming highly reliable and popular. VOIP phone service is much cheaper over a traditional phone system. We also provide you with the convenience and portability of VoIP service and advanced communication features that are available at no extra charge. If you are upgrading your telephone communication infrastructure, moving or merging offices, or opening a call centre, a VoIP enabled telephone system from EOS is the perfect solution for you. With its low costs when compared to traditional phone services, the convenience, portability and advanced communication features, VoIP phones benefit everyone from individuals to small offices to large enterprises.

EOS is a leading Zimbabwe and Zambia distributor of VoIP communication solutions from the world’s most popular and advanced Ericsson-LG. With complete compliance of standards and a myriad of features, a VoIP telephone system from EOS not only keep up with the growth of your business, but also give communicating the relevant facelift. We are experienced to successfully design, deploy and support critical VoIP communication platforms for organizations of all sizes, from a startup business set up to busy call centers.

Our VoIP services allow unified dialing across multiple locations. We have equally competent local and long distance service. When it comes to making sure you’re satisfied, we’re always listening. It’s what we pride ourselves at. EOS VoIP phone system helps your company streamline operations, do more for less and still meet your business and customer demands. The VoIP system can change with the evolving needs of your company and help streamline your communications wherever and however you work. EOS VoIP phone system gives you the power to roam anywhere your wireless local area network goes and brings full digital desk phone functionality to you.

Contact us and invest now in a VOIP solution that provides interoperability with the new technologies that are available, compared to the usual IP based communications.