Single Point of Communication enhancing business performance



Ericsson-LG’s iPECS Unified Communications Solution (UCS) is a powerful multimedia collaboration and productivity enhancing tool designed for the small to large enterprises. Its single server architecture helps SMB’s start experiencing the next generation communication solution without investing in enterprise level equipment. The rich features, capability and the ability to integrate 3rd party solutions are well-suited for large enterprises’ UC environment.

Features and Benefits

Presence enabling, improved responsiveness and enhanced productivity

Real-time presence information displaying user status at a glance

  • Selecting the best communication method based on the user presence information; via voice, email, Instant Messaging or video
  • Easily search a central company database as well as local databases

Easy to configure conferences

  • Even easier traditional voice conferences by using virtual conference rooms, conference group calls or simple ad-hoc conferences
  • Multi-party video conferencing between up to 6 users
  • Simple video conferencing without complicated configuration, set up codec or expensive custom hardware

Information sharing

  • Private presentations using integrated Desktop and Application Sharing
  • Web push and file sharing during a conference

Single server solution

  • Each component is integrated and controlled by a central management tool (OMS)
  • Flexible licensing based on number of concurrent users
  • Supporting up to 2,000 concurrent logins and 6,000 registered users per server

Business purpose UC solution

  • Secure instant messaging unlike public messaging service
  • Logs and details of client activity
  • Remote system monitoring and feature usage statistics for efficient resource management

Simple and intuitive user interface

  • Enriching the user communication experience via the intuitive and consistent UI applications.