Aria Technology, a leading name in building communications, is also a leader in providing expansive IP communications through integrated IP phone systems. It also holds expertise over catering unified communications solutions to small, medium and large scale businesses in Australia.

Unified communications broadly encompass all forms of communications that are exchanged via IP communications, such as instant messaging, video conferencing, data sharing, etc. IP communications and unified communications are diversified mediums of information exchange and are an integrated part of network communication deployment.

Via elaborate media of unified communications solutions, one can send a message through one medium and enjoy the freedom of receiving or accessing it through any other medium. Such diverse portfolio of IP communications and unified communication has broadened the channels of information exchange and has tremendously helped businesses and individuals to connect and interact.

Aria Technologies offers IP telephone systems and services to businesses and individuals and incorporates all media of unified communication. Since its inception, Aria Technologies has been steering the expansion of IP telephony and other media via unified communications to organisations. This has been facilitating growth opportunities for businesses and corporations to interact and do business with counterparts and peers across the globe. Today, Aria Technologies partners with leading technology giants of the world like LG Ericson and others to provide IP voice solutions to clients pan Australia.

Internet Protocol (IP) is the principal communication protocol used for relaying datagram’s across internet network. With IP phones and IP phone systems being instrumental, Aria Technologies has been addressing the growing need of smooth communication between clients and companies. The technical know-how and trained team works in synchronisation to deliver quality IP phone solutions to all our clients. The thorough adherence to premium service delivery has helped Aria Technologies carve a niche in the IP telephony market and has made the company a name to reckon with.

Pure IP Systems

Ericsson-LG iPECS-LIK is a fully SMB dedicated pure IP communications system without compromising well trained voice features. Single infrastructure of iPECS-LIK helps customers tailor made deployment. Every single component of LIK can be installed on the network without geographical limitation and can be managed by single point of web administration. Based on the transparent infrastructure, LIK also supports system redundancy, local survivability and scalability.

Customers can also save operational expenditure by having intelligent solution offering. Distributed architecture enables remote G/W functionality so that users’ can keep their phone bills as light as possible. LIK also provides SIP trunking, T.38 functionality and single infrastrucure management for further cost saving. LIK supports wide range of productivity enhancing applications integration such as Unified Communication, Phontage, Mobility, Built in voice mail and UMS.

iPECS-LIK is a fully SMB dedicated IP communications solution without compromising well trained voice features and even becomes more intelligent in its phase 5.5 release. More than 30 years of experiencing SMB voice communications, Ericsson-LG has learnt how the complex voice features should be dealt with and more importantly it understands why the features are required from the customers.

iPECS-CM (Soon to be released)
iPECS-CM is the next generation IP-PBX that provides, in addition to IP telephony, various flexible high quality multimedia services, and mobility designed for medium and large sized enterprises. iPECS-CM call servers are available in three configurations. CM-S2K employs an embedded server to support up to 2000 ports. CM-S30K, CM-S10K and CM-S4K employ commercial servers to support up to 4,000/10,000/30,000 ports, respectively.

IP Converged System

iPECS SBG-1000
Delivering Smart Communications to Small Business iPECS SBG-1000 is a truly converged communication platform tailored for small businesses integrating IP telephony, data networking, wireless, security and IT needs in a single unit. IP telephony and broadband Internet services are easily and securely delivered over a single broadband IP line from the service provider and connected to the iPECS SBG-1000 for delivery to the end-user.