Checking into a hotel room should be a welcoming and relaxing experience for your guests, so in-room technology needs to be easy and intuitive to use. And whether it’s the air-conditioning, TV or phone, if it requires anything other than brief instructions, chances are guests will find it complex and frustrating – turning what should be an asset for your business into a liability.

That’s why, unlike some systems that add-on ‘hospitality’ features to their business switch, Ericsson-LG iPECS Hospitality systems have been specifically designed from the ground  up to ensure maximum ease of use for guests, while recognizing that the rotational staffing requirements of the business demand logical, simple operation of the telephone system.

So whether you are operating a guesthouse, motel, hotel, retirement complex or nursing home, the ability to provide flexible and efficient solutions for your guests will help ensure return business. Logical, easy operation for the staff will assist in improving and maintaining a high level of customer service.

Features & Benefits

Intelligent Messaging

Guests can receive messages in their voice-mail box or as a message from, for example, the front-desk or concierge, all indicated by the phone’s message lamp. Message retrieval is as easy as one touch –and the system’s intelligence directs the guest’s enquiry call to the message origination automatically – voice mail system, front desk etc. The lamp is extinguished when the last message is retrieved (or erased, in the case of voice messages).

On check-out, any remaining voice messages are automatically erased from the integrated messaging system.

Wake-Up Call

Guests can either program their own wake-up call or have the front desk do it for them. A wake-up message can be played to the guest.

Room to Room Dailing

Guests can call friends or colleagues staying in the hotel. This feature can be enabled or disabled on a room, group or system basis.

Guest Privacy

Guests can activate ‘do not disturb’ feature on their extension preventing incoming calls. Alternatively calls can be forwarded to the guests mailbox. The ‘do not disturb’ feature may be overridden by front desk in cases of emergency.

Direct Indial

Guest rooms can be called directly by outside parties, which is particularly useful in long-stay businesses such as nursing homes or retirement complexes.

Listen In Facility

This child monitoring facility provides peace of mind for guests. Guests can listen in to their room whilst, perhaps, in another room or elsewhere within the hotel complex.

Information Messaging

Recorded information about hotel services may be made available to guests. Guests can access this information at the touch of a button.

Guest Access Rights – Class of Service

Guests may be assigned various levels of access to telephone functions and outgoing call destinations.


Guests can be checked -in and out easily and efficiently. Guest name can be entered at time of check-in and this information can be displayed each time a call is made to or from a guest room.

Class of service (COS) of guest phone may also be set at check-in and this may be changed at any time. At check-out COS is automatically returned to default and all guest messages are erased from the integrated voice message system. Payment method, room rate and prepaid call amount are some of the other features that can also be entered at check-in.

Room Status

Rooms can be checked from front desk to see if room is clean or requires servicing. The room attendant can update the status of the room from the guest room phone.

Guest Name Display

Calls to service stations – front desks, bar, room service etc. Can display the guest name & room number.

Least Cost Routing

Enables calls to be re-routed to a cheaper route or carrier, while the guest bill states the actual number dialled and the cost of the more expensive carrier. This can provide greater margins on calls.

Multiple Front Desks

iPECS Hospitality allows you to exercise front desk functionality at points other than the actual front desk area.

Room Numbering Scheme

Room extension numbering may be matched to actual room number (up to 4 digits).

Single Digit Dialing

Hotel facilities such as Restaurant, Front Desk, Concierge, Porter, Housekeeping etc can be assigned single-digit access from guest phones.

Control Costs

Whether used as a stand alone system or integrated to a front of house PMS, guest accounts can be kept up to date – charges such as bar and restaurant can be added at point of purchase – maximizing staff efficiency and eradicating misplaced dockets and receipts.

Vacant Room Barring

At check-out, guest room phones are automatically set to “internal calls only” category to prevent illegal use. Maid status (clean/dirty) and minibar charges can still be input, however out calling, except for emergency 000 calls, is denied. On check-in full access is automatically restored.

Pre-Paid Call Limit

In situations where a pre-paid call limit is required, the Front Desk can enter this $ amount. Once reached, the guest room phone is barred to further outgoing calls until the credit limit is renewed. (When connected to a front office system, this status is reviewed

Mailbox Transfer

Messages can be transferred from one mailbox to another in case of room changes.

Mailbox Delivery Confirmation

Hotel staff can request a listen receipt which is important when the hotel needs to pass on important information to guests.

Announce Only Mailbox

iPECS Hospitality can allocate a mailbox which can act as a greeting only mailbox and then the guest can be transferred back to the main menu and very useful as a information only source for guests.


LIP 8000 series IP Terminals

iPECS includes a wide variety of user desk-top terminals. The LIP 8000 series includes five handset models and four types of DSS Consoles to provide a solution tailored to the needs of each user. From the LIP-8004D basic lobby phone to the Premium Videophone LIP-8050V, the LIP-8000 terminals are simple to use yet feature rich. Users quickly learn to use the LIP phone thanks to one button operations and user friendly features such as the navigation and soft-menu keys. The full duplex HD quality speakerphone in most models let users converse handsfree, assured of the highest quality through advanced VoIP technology. The LIP-8000 terminals can connect anywhere there is a LAN connection and support the IEEE 802.11af Power-over-Ethernet standard so a separate power connection is not required.

Colour Display / Videophone

Allows in house video calling between iPECS users and area monitoring


iPECS Hospitality’s vast array of front desk and administration features leads to the optimization of your front desk operation and of your service areas.


Placed in areas such as the lobby, guests or visitors can access the hotel operator, taxi services or visitor information simply by lifting the handset.



  • Bluetooth headset adaptor BT 2.0 compliant

  • Enables the connection of a wireless headset (without the need to use a handset lifter)
  • Suits iPECS LIP-8012D and LIP8024D handsets only
  • Supports wireless headsets from GN Netcom / Jabra and Plantronics Inc.

  • Multiple interfaces and mixer; LAN, PSTN, Audio IN/OUT
  • Powerful audio capability – microphones and speakers
  • Easy to operate and has high-fidelity sound (by Yamaha)

Mobility Handsets

The system can be equipped with Ericsson-LG’s system integral DECT wifi or wireless handsets. This may be made available to your staff or guests, providing them with on-the-move access, just as if they were in their room, and ensuring staff can be contacted at any time. For smaller establishments, these wireless solutions ensure that no call ever goes unanswered, or door-phone unattended by providing a mobile front-desk!
WIT400H Fully Featured System Wireless IP Phone

  • Suitable for Office, Home Office, field worker, warehouse manager
  • Key Benefits: Mobility, Leverages WiFi infrastructure
GDC-450H Robust DECT System Handset

  • Robust housing, shield window
  • Key Benefits: In house mobility, Durable, Increased standby time.

7000 Series Analogue Handsets



  • 4 Feature buttons
  • Redial
  • Volume control
  • Message waiting indicator
  • Available in limestone or charcoal

Ericsson-LG Hotel Solutions Systems Portfolio

Ericsson-LG Cellular Solutions Ericsson-LG offers IP based hospitality solutions addressing the communication needs of hotels, motels, nursing homes, resorts and similar hospitality industry business. Such business can achieve improved guest experience, increased staff productivity, reduced costs and drive new revenue streams through Ericsson-LG Hotel solutions incorporating iPECS call control platforms, PC Attendant, multi-media IP Phone, unified communication and mobility.

At the core of an iPECS hospitality solution is the iPECS Call Platforms, iPECS-LIK and iPECS-CM. They are highly flexible and can legerage traditional SLT phones while combining new IP and soft phones for advanced featre access. As new services to reduce cost and improve productivity are deeded, they integrated easily into the iPECS platforms IP based applications environment.

To provide cost effective IP hotel solution,  iPECS offers built-in hotel software for basic hotel service, customer care and embedded web management and also presence based workforce productivity improvement with iPECS UCS. In addition, iPECS call control platforms are able to integrate with Property Management System(PMS) software to further improve the efficiency of the hospitality business. iPECS call platforms are certified with world leading PMS software Micros Fidelio PMS.

With Ericsson-LG hotel solutions, you will enhance hospitality service and staff productivity.